Client Feedback

“I never thought I would like going to counselling but the counsellors here are really easy going and nice to talk to. My views on drugs have changed and now I can really focus on my long-term goals. Thank you Drug ARM.” – Community & Family Support Service Client

“I really enjoyed having someone to talk to and work through all my issues. I feel like people out there care about me. I now have more motivation to do things.” – Community & Family Support Service Client

“Corrections initially made me attend this program but now I look forward to attending every week and enjoy every session” – Community & Family Support Service Client

“Everything was wonderful. The workers always made me feel like a normal person. Were fun and warm to be with, even when I wasn't well. They all had so many insights and never once felt I was judged. Thank you so much everybody at Drug ARM.” Community & Family Support Service Client

"Very good to talk about issues and provided me with a new perspective on my child’s drug use. Was good to be able to work with a volunteer who was a parent and understood my situation" – Community & Family Support Services Client

Volunteering / Student Experience


“Volunteering for Drug ARM is a great experience. I get to work directly with clients and I’m supported by caring and knowledgeable staff. I meet a lot of interesting people and have made great friends with other volunteers on the program!” – CAFSS volunteer

“We have a great time out on patrol, it’s great to be able to share information with young people and have a laugh doing it!” – SOS volunteer

“I recommend a student placement at Drug ARM to other students at TAFE all the time. I felt supported and always busy. I learnt a lot from the workers, the clients and the other volunteers.” – CAFSS student