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At Drug ARM we take a holistic approach to recovery. This means we believe in addressing all the factors that contribute to alcohol and other drug use. From mental health and trauma to family breakdown, homelessness and stigma, we understand that alcohol and other drug use is often a complex issue.

Our programs and services assist those affected by alcohol and other drugs, and are tailored to their unique experience. We also provide support for affected families and friends, as well as equipping communities with the tools and information needed to reduce harm.

How we help

We provide a broad range of services focused on building stronger and more resilient children and young people. Our teams assist parents and families, as well as young people through counselling, leadership programs and life skill development, as well as providing resources to schools.

We provide compassionate services focused supporting the loved ones of those who struggle with alcohol and other drugs. Our teams are flexible and offer both individual and group support in-home, in-office, in public and community spaces as well as telephone and online services.

We provide evidence-informed and tailored support and rehabilitation for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs. Our services include counselling, a clean needle program, dual diagnosis support, police and court diversion, street outreach (homelessness) services, prevention and workplace training.

Are you concerned about your or your loved one’s relationship with alcohol or other drugs?

There is nothing shameful about having a concern with your alcohol or other drug use. Whether it’s you or your loved one who is using, you are certainly not alone, and there is support available. Thousands of people who have come to Drug ARM have been able to make positive steps towards their goals. Whether that involves a quick chat with our team, or support to get a job, mend relationships, or cut back or completely stop use, we are here to help

We provide care in over 40 locations in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia to make sure that each person can get the information and support they need to live a healthy and meaningful life.


Guide to Programs and Services for Health and Community Service Professionals and Agencies

Program Principles

  • Recovery: All programs and services to assist and support clients to become actively involved in improving their quality of life.
  • Respect clients: All programs and services to incorporate social justice practices that ensure all clients seeking support from Drug ARM have equal access to programs and services and are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Client centered service delivery: To ensure that the needs of the clients are central to all interventions delivered by the organisation.
  • Evidence based practice: All programs and services to be based upon sound research and best practice models.
  • Regular monitoring, reviewing and evaluation: All programs and services to be reviewed and evaluated annually.
  • Outcome based practice: All programs and services to contribute to better outcomes for clients, volunteers and staff.
  • Continual improvements: To be committed to continual improvements through the development of a learning culture committed to best management practices.
  • Managing risk: To identify and manage risks for the benefit of clients, volunteers, visitors, staff and the community.
  • Developing relationships with non-government and government agencies: To develop partnerships that enhance the quality of the intervention outcomes for the client. 
  • Skilled staff: To acquire and maintain professional, skilled and motivated staff to work together in co-ordinated multidisciplinary teams.

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