Community Partnership Helps People on the Streets of Brisbane

Jan 21 2016, 11:00am AEDT

This week Street Swags donated 50 swags to our Street Outreach Services. Swags provide water-proof basic shelter to people experiencing homelessness. Not only do Street Swags provide a safe, warm and comfortable resting place, but each also has space to store belongings and each swag comes with a first aid and hygiene kit.

The swags we received from Street Swags wouldn't have made it to us without the assistance of St Joseph's Nudgee College. The swags are sewn by prisoners as part of a 'work ready' scheme at Woodford Correctional Centre and then transported to Nudgee College where, as part of the school's social justice program, the students insert the foam mattress, roll the swag and package them ready for dispatch. What a fantastic example of the community working together! Thank you Street Swags!