About Us

Drug ARM is a for-purpose organisation committed to reducing the harms of alcohol and other drug use. At our core is a passion to reduce the damaging effects of alcohol and other drugs on physical, mental and spiritual health.

Our community has a vision to see flourishing people and communities where anyone who is affected or at risk of being affected by alcohol and drugs has someone there to support them. We are standing up for the rights of people to live happy and healthy lives.

Drug ARM provides compassion and specialist care throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia through a range of programs and services that include education, outreach, prevention and treatment. The ‘ARM’ in Drug ARM is an acronym that stands for Awareness, Rehabilitation and Management.

Our Vision

  • Flourishing people and communities

Our Mission

  • Engage Encourage Empower




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Our History
Since 1980, Drug ARM Australasia has become a leader in the alcohol and other drugs sector. 
More about our history
Board of Directors
Our board is responsible for strategic and policy-making activities. Learn more about our structure here. 
More about board of directors
Our structure provides a broad framework through which the organisation operates, is regulated and controlled.
More about governance